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Energetic laziness:


Alternative fuels can’t save our planet while we continue to waste energy. We support Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities initiative - where you can walk to, you shouldn't drive. Where you can drive together, you shouldn't ride solo. EU is loosing billions of EUR daily in productive time of commuters stuck in transport, that's why we promote coworking or work from home, wherever applicable; civil servants included. Shunting cattle around Europe just for tax optimization, or flying roses from Africa just because of holey local workers’ rights is hypocrisy. We aim to analyse complete costs of production supply chains and share them publicly, in order to transform EU preferences accordingly - eg. promoting local waste-free food consumption over overseas imports.

Long-term vision: Bikes and public transport to access transport hubs; trains for domestic travel inside EU, planes primarily to reach overseas destinations. Sharing is caring! Our priority here is adequacy: any solution has to have total cost incl. maintenance proportional to overall public benefit. We support innovative solutions like autonomous truck trains, smart roads and parking lots, freight trams or modular buses where appropriate.

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