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3) Digital Economy: / draft directive published March 2018 /


Reasons: the legal order can not respond to the changing premises of the world. Internet, such as global, cross-border, borderless network with the current legal system is poorly regulated. It opens up previously unimaginable possibilities. The services are a material counter-performance. Legal persons enter the world from the opposite corners. The territorial principle of legal relations is being wiped out.

Loss of material substrate and territoriality is one of the factors that enables effective tax optimization - the seller is a person with a home in the country with the most favorable tax regime.

The Commission's proposal, published in March this year, changes the current rules of the so-called "permanent establishment" and proposes to tax certain digital services at the place where it was created at a rate of 3%, which should generate a tax collection of about EUR 5 million per year.

Suggestion from PPCAT in collaboration with ATTAC (economic experts NGO) regarding not only taxes but other related economical issues: Main question: Would the rest of the European Pirate Parties be interested on including such kind of measures?

Motto: Goal: To bring the finances under democratic control and align its objectives with those of society and the real economy. The idea behind this initiative is that the present evolution of finances – hypertrophy, globalization, deregulation – was primarily responsible for the crisis and can still be responsible of future crisis.

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