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ITP - Principles for Trade Agreements


PIRATES stipulate that in all negotiations of the European Union on trade agreements the following conditions must be met:

  • Stronger participation of the European Parliament;
  • comprehensive access to information and public hearings;
  • respect for freedom of Internet, social rights, and civil rights and ; sustainable development ;
  • the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises must be taken into account.

Stronger participation by the European Parliament Trade agreements contain political decisions that are important and difficult to change after they are adopted. Therefore, the European Parliament, the only body in the EU that has a direct democratic mandate, should have equal rights to the European Commission when dealing with trade policies.

The European Parliament via its Committee on International Trade (INTA) should have access to all the negotiation material and a right to observer to negotiation and to make binding remarks to the European Commission.

Comprehensive access to information and public hearings The Pirates are against secret negotiations. All documents concerning the negotiations of trade agreements should be made available to the European Parliament as well as to the public. All negotiations and hearings should be conducted in public. We demand that all results of consultations, must be published promptly and in full.

Respect for freedom of Internet, social rights, civil rights and sustainable development Pirates consider the right to privacy and self-determination of the people as self-evident. Therefore they also need to be respected and promoted in the context of trade agreements.

As these principles apply to all people, the EU has to make sure that trade agreements will not allow their trading partners to breach them.

Trade Agreement shouldn't forget the social rights of other countries.

All the futur european trade agreement should take into account the respect of the sustainable development. The agreement cannot be ratified if it has a negative impact on the environment.

The interests of small and medium-sized enterprises must be taken into account At the moment trade agreements mainly take into account the interests of global enterprises, while small and medium-sized companies rarely benefit; SMEs are increasingly ousted from the market. We want to change that.

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