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Environmental Policy #2


The Agreement of Paris to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels has to be implemented. [*] The necessary concepts and technologies for achieving the climate protection goal have been developed.The Pirate Party demands to provide the legal conditions that these technologies are used to achieve this goal. Co2 emissions from cross-border goods (for example in power generation) are attributable to the importing countries.The expansion of electricity production with renewable energy must not be restricted by law in the countries of the European Union. The Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) is to be implemented throughout Europe within two years.

We want to establish a sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure. The transition away from consumed energy resources to regenerative sources is necessary. Use of energy sources has to be sustainable and must not be in conflict with other environmental objectives. The target is a transparent, decentralized, and redundant structure of energy suppliers.This guarantees participation options for all citizens and prevents monopolies.

The European energy market is facing a profound structural change: Electricity generation with photovoltaics will become the cheapest form of electricity generation, and increasing electromobility will dramatically reduce the consumption of minerals. This structural change must be accompanied by european guidelines in order to prevent disruptive effects on entire economic sectors.

We can and we have to learn from each other about energy transition and we have to discuss at eye level to be successful in energy transition worldwide.

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